Every Faculty member of SRCDSR works tirelessly to shape the Future of our Students and give their career new directions. For our students we choose nothing other than the best, a team of Learned, Committed & experienced Professionals drawn from the different academia, research and dental care fields across the country. The faculty at SRCDSR makes an earnest effort to put in all the essentials to deliver quality Dental Education. The blend of faculty, academicians, researchers & Professionals drawn from all over the world with their funds of management expertise gives us unique Professional standing in the Education world. Best of the resource supports have been provided to faculties for computing, research, library, and training facilities in order to provide quality education to the students. Our faculties provide their full support in learning process of students.

List of Dental Teaching Staff

S.No. Name Designation
  Dr. C.M. Marya Principal
 Prosthodontics and Crown  & Bridge
1 Dr. Salil Pawah Prof. & HOD
2 Dr. Amit Gupta Professor
3 Dr. Bhanu Madan Professor
4 Dr. Manisha Professor
5 Dr. Meenu Garg Professor
6 Dr. Chetan Pathak Professor
7 Dr. Gunjan Gupta Reader
8 Dr. Preeti Agarwal Sr. Lecturer
9 Dr. Ruhi Ahuja Sr. Lecturer
10 Dr. Mansi Khatri Sr. Lecturer
11 Dr. Anuj Gupta Sr. Lecturer
12 Dr. Aparana Sharma Sr. Lecturer
13 Dr. Jyoti Arneja Sr. Lecturer
Dental Material
14 Dr. Mansha Bakshi Reader
Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
15 Dr. Prashant Bhasin Prof. & HOD
16 Dr. Meenu  Professor
17 Dr. Ashima Garg Professor
18 Dr. Monika Tandan Professor
19 Dr. Hemanshi Kumar Professor
20 Dr. Sukhwant Singh Yadav Reader
21 Dr. Bhagat Singh Sr. Lecturer
22 Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Sr. Lecturer
23 Dr. Aditi Gupta Sr. Lecturer
24 Dr. Palak Wahi Sr. Lecturer
25 Dr. Jastinder Singh Sr. Lecturer
26 Dr. Nitika Singh Sr. Lecturer
27 Dr. Neha Mangla Sr. Lecturer
28 Dr. Akshat Sachdeva Sr. Lecturer
Oral Pathology & Microbiology
29 Dr. Shweta Rehani Professor & HOD
30 Dr. Prabhakar A Jeergal Professor
31 Dr. Vikas Kumar Sant Reader
32 Dr. Shikha Khatana Sr. Lecturer
33 Dr. Bireswar Roy Sr. Lecturer
34 Dr. Vipul Arora Sr. Lecturer
Dental Anatomy
35 Dr. Vishal Juneja Reader
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
36 Dr. Ashish Gupta Professor & HOD
37 Dr. Pankaj Bansal  Professor 
38 Dr. Sneha Sharma Reader
39 Dr. Vimanyu Kataria Sr. Lecturer
40 Dr. Himani Gupta Sr. Lecturer
41 Dr. Sumeet Shinde Sr. Lecturer
42 Dr. C.S. Baiju Professor & HOD
43 Dr. Meenu Taneja Bhasin Professor
44 Dr. Sunny Mavi Reader
45 Dr. Isha Bhardwaj Reader
46 Dr. Karuna Joshi Reader
47 Dr. Brij Nandan Sr. Lecturer
48 Dr. Anjusha Sharda  Sr. Lecturer
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics
49 Dr. Gurkeerat Singh Professor & HOD
50 Dr. Sridhar Kannan Professor
51 Dr. Abhishek Goyaliya Professor
52 Dr. Gaurav Gupta Professor
53 Dr. Varun Goyal Professor
54 Dr. Raj Kumar Singh Professor 
55 Dr. Ankit Chaudhari Sr. Lecturer
56 Dr. Sushma Chaurasia Sr. Lecturer
57 Dr. Anushree Bansal Sr. Lecturer
58 Dr. Poorna Sr. Lecturer
Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry
59 Dr. Bhavna Gupta Saraf Professor & HOD
60 Dr. Neha Sheoran Professor
61 Dr. Gauri Kalra Yadav Reader
62 Dr. Priya Mendiratta Sr. Lecturer
63 Dr. Monika Aggarwal Sr. Lecturer
64 Dr. Pooja Srivastava Sr. Lecturer
Oral Medicine & Radiology
65 Dr. Ramesh Gupta  Professor
66 Dr. Sana Zeba Sr. Lecturer
67 Dr. Shalini Basu Sr. Lecturer
68 Dr. Deepak Sagar Tutor
69 Dr. Aprampar Kaur Tutor
70 Dr. Sonia Choudhary Tutor
71 Dr. Pradhuman J. Singh Tutor
Public Health Dentistry
72 Dr. C M Marya Professor & HOD
73 Dr. Ruchi Nagpal Professor
74 Dr. Chandan Dhingra Reader
75 Dr. Sakshi Kataria Reader
76 Dr. Pratibha Taneja Reader
77 Dr. Jeevan Josh Sr. Lecturer
1 Dr. Neha Gupta Professor & HOD
2 Dr. Rashi Jain Lecturer
3 Dr. Jyoti Aggarwal Lecturer
4 Dr. Prashant Lecturer
5 Dr. Anita Sharma Professor & HOD
6 Dr. Sudha Jha Professor & HOD
7 Dr. Lalit Chaudhary  Lecturer
8 Dr. Rajeev Vashisht Lecturer
9 Dr. Chanchal Garg Lecturer 
10 Ms. Batatula Roopa Neeharika Lecturer
11 Dr. Naresh Khanna Professor
12 Mrs. Ranjini H Pillai Reader
13 Dr. Garima Rustagi  Lecturer
14 Dr. Anil Chander Professor & HOD
15 Dr. Manish K Wadhwa Professor & HOD
16 Dr. Sheela Sharma Lecturer 
17 Ms. Binita Singh Reader
18 Dr. Naveen Kumar Lecturer
19 Dr. Ashu Arora  Professor
20 Dr. Anil Kumar Tamta Lecturer
21 Dr. Intikhab Alam Lecturer
22 Dr. R.K. Dua Professor
23 Dr. Seema Bansal Lecturer
24 Dr. I.K. Bansal Lecturer
25 Dr. Sandeep Singh Tomar Reader
26 Dr. Sumit Mangla Lecturer