This association offers a platform wherein alumni members can correspond regarding matters of scientific, cultural and social basis. It helps determine our collective needs and aids in problem solving through vibrant interactions. Every SRCDSRite can put forth educational, artistic and even literary ideas. The proficiency and expertise of those graduated from SRCDSR comprise a powerful knowledge resource. Through Association, these talents are nurtured to grow and steered to strengthen the individual alumni. The consortium of events taking place worldwide can be shared mutually in the alumni summit through scientific sessions. Thus the alumni resource can have a significant impact on the betterment of the individual alumni through the process of networking and role modeling. Now, the challenge lies in reinforcing this sense of integrity amongst our alumni members.

Benefits of Alumni Association

Association with alumni is certainly beneficial in subject of following aspects:

  • Technical Collaboration in projects
  • Professional Network
  • Academic Collaboration
  • Recruitment of SRCDSR Graduates
  • Using SRCDSR’s Continuing Education Programs
  • Use of other SRCDSR facilities such as Library, Gymkhana, Guest House at a concessional rates

So come one and all and join the Alumni Association today.