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Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics

About the Department

Orthodontics is the branch of Dentistry that deals with correction of tooth and jaw mal-positions, in children and adults, thereby, improving esthetics along with function.

Department of Orthodontics at SRCDSR meets the needs of education at undergraduate and postgraduate level, patient care and research in field of Orthodontics.

The Department currently offers graduate training leading to Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Post graduate training program leading to Masters in Dentistry (M.D.S.) awarded by the Pd. B.D. Sharma University of Health sciences, Rohtak.

Department is equipped with latest dental units with separate undergraduate and postgraduate clinical areas. The postgraduate wing has separate wet, dry lab, a cephalometric tracing room photography room and a Seminar room equipped with latest audiovisual aids.

Post graduate program prepares qualified dentists to manage the full range of dento-facial discrepancies. Students learn a variety of treatment modalities under supervision of experienced and outstanding faculty. Department has more than two hundred running Orthodontics cases and maintains a large OPD for regular new patient inflow.  


The Department is headed by Dr. Gurkeerat Singh,(Vice-Principal) MDS, M. Orth., RCS, and Diplomat Indian Board of Orthodontics.(contact no. 9811063930)

Dr.Gurkeerat Singh, is a graduate and postgraduate from the prestigious Mangalore College of Dental Surgery, a constituent of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal. He did his M.Orth in 2001 and is registered with the Royal College of Surgeons, London as well as the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. He is a diplomate of the Indian Board of Orthodontics. 

Dr. Singh has over three dozen publications in various Indian and foreign journals to his credit as well as “The Textbook of Orthodontics”, the first full-color textbook by an Indian author on the subject and a “Mini Atlas on Orthodontics”. He has presented numerous papers and has been a guest speaker at various national & inter-national conferences and student conventions.

He started his teaching career in 1998 and is presently the professor and head of the department of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics at SudhaRustagi College of Dental Sciences and Research, Faridabad, Haryana. He is also the Editor of the Journal of the Indian Orthodontic Society. He is an executive member of the Delhi Dental Council, Indian Dental Association and the Dentistry Sectional Committee, Bureau of Indian Standards.


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Lectures Presented  

  • “Unilateral fixed bite jumping appliances- Case Reports”, at the International Orthodontic   Congress & 35th Indian Orthodontic Conference, Jaipur. December 1999.
  • “Orthodontic treatment before prosthodontic rehabilitation”, at the World Congress on Prosthodontics & 31st Indian Prosthodontic Society Congress, New Delhi, 26th- 29th November , 2003.
  • “Jump that Bite”, at the 3rd World Edgewise Orthodontic Conference and 40th Indian Orthodontic Conference, 11th - 13th November, 2005.
  • •Guest lecture on “Adult Orthodontics” at the10th IOS post graduate Student’s convention, “The Milestone” 26th-28th January 2006.
  • “SUS Way” Non-extraction Class II correction, presentation and demonstration; CDE organized by the department of orthodontics, Government Dental College, Bangalore, 15th February, 2006.
  • “Wire goes haywire” at the 41st Indian Orthodontic Conference, Chennai, 24th-26th November, 2006.
  • “Interceptive orthodontics revisited” at the 9th J& K state and Inter-state dental Conference, organized by the Indian Dental Association, Jammu Branch, J & K State, on 1st and 2nd December, 2006.
  • Guest lecture on   “What can I do for U?” at the 60th National Indian Dental Association Conference, Mangalore, Nov.2007.
  • “SUS the Versatile Appliance” at the 42nd Indian Orthodontic Conference, Nagpur, 4-6 January 2008.
  • “Correction of Class II deformities” panel Discussion on Workshop & Live Demonstration on Orthognathic Surgery, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon’s and Orthodontist’s Joint perspective at Kalka Dental College & Hospital,-29th and 30th Sep.2008.
  • “Lasers in Dentistry” full day lecture and hands on, Creation Lasers at Uppal’s Plaza on 22nd March, 2009.
  • “Damon: Devil or Devine” at the 43rd Indian Orthodontic Conference, November 2009, New Delhi.
  • “Damon- another Bracket” at the Orthodontic Study Group meeting on sep. 2010 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
  • Full day Hands-on “Micro-Implants” at Kerala orthodontic Study Group Meeting on 30th Oct. 2010, Calicut, Kerala.
  • “Micro-Implants-Orthognathic Changes” at Kerala Orthodontic Study Group Meeting, on 31st Oct. 2010, Calicut, Kerala.
  • TADS: A-Z (Full day Hands-on Course), at Indore Orthodontic Study Group Meeting on 3rd March, 2012.
  • TADs Update: bicortical screws, at Annual Conference of the Sri Lankan Orthodontic Society Annual Conference, held at Kandy, Sri Lanka, on 10th March, 2012.
  • TADs: A-Z (Full day Hands-on Course), at Trivandrum Orthodontic Study Group Meeting on 17th March, 2012.
  • Damon-odontics: Non extraction Treatment & Retention (One Hour Lecture), at 50th Anniversary of perayaan 50 Tahun Fakultas kedokteran Gigi, Universitas Prof.Dr.Moestopo (Beragama) Jakarta, on 14th June, 2012.
  • Interceptive Orthodontics (One Hour Lecture), at 50th Anniversary of perayaan 50 Tahun Fakultas kedokteran Gigi, Universitas Prof.Dr.Moestopo (Beragama) Jakarta, on 14th June, 2012.
  • Diagnosing an Interdisciplinary Case: Face Vs Dentition (3 Hour Course) (One Hour Lecture), at 50th Anniversary of perayaan 50 Tahun Fakultas kedokteran Gigi, Universitas Prof.Dr.Moestopo (Beragama) Jakarta, on 15th June, 2012.
  • Bonded Lingual Retainers- Revisited (30 Minutes) at the 20th Annual Meeting 2nd International Congress of the Japanese Association of Adult Orthodontics,Tokyo, Japan, 30th June, 1-2 July, 2012.
  • Bonded Lingual Retainers – Past, present and future (30 minutes) at the XV Russian Orthodontic Congress Moscow, 30th & 31st May, 2013.
  • Self-ligating Brackets- Is there a change in philosophy? (30 minutes) at the XV Russian Orthodontic Congress Moscow, 30th & 31st May, 2013.  Self-ligating Brackets: A Clinical Perspective (30 minutes) at the 3rd International Orthodontic Conference of Orthodontic & Dentofacial Orthopedic Association of Nepal, 21-22 September 2013, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • A to Z about Temporary Anchorage Devices in Orthodontics (Full day Hands-on Course), Babu Banarasi Das College of Dental Sciences and research, BBD University, Faizabad Road, Lucknow. 8th October, 2013, 9am to 4pm. 
  • TADs and Orthodontics, Kerala Orthodontic Study Group (KOSG) meeting, 2nd February, 2014, Cochin, Kerala. 


  • Dr. Sridhar Kannan, Professor
  • Dr.Sudhanshu Kansal,Professor
  • Dr. Sachin Bansal, Reader
  • Dr. Ashish Gupta,  Reader
  • Dr. Abhishek Goyaliya,Reader
  • Dr. Gaurav Gupta, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. Sonali Dhawan, Senior. Lecturer
  • Dr. Raj Kumar Singh, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr. Krishna Arora, Sr. Lecturer

Dr. Sridhar Kannan (contact no. 9818212912)

Dr Sridhar Kannan completed his BDS in 1998 and MDS (orthodontics) in 2002 from King George’s Medical College, Lucknow. He was a teaching faculty in Kothiwal dental college, Moradabad from 2002-2010 and since September 2010 is a professor in Sudha Rustagi Dental College, Faridabad. He is a recipient of student plaque award 1998 by ICD; and ICD merit award for Best Student in MDS. He has also received Best Research Paper and Best Poster at Indian Orthodontic Conference in 2002.

  • Orthodontic Management of impacted maxillary central incisors – Orthodontic Cyber Journal (February 2011)
  • A modified plaque index for orthodontic patients ; Indian  Journal Of Dental Specialties And Research (July 2011)
  • Temporary Anchorage Devices in Orthodontics, HEALTALK, The Pure Dental Journal, Vol.II, Issue 06 (July-Aug 2010)
  • FEM- A Research tool in Dentistry : HEALTALK, The Pure Dental Journal , Vol.II, Issue 07 (Sep-Oct 2010)
  • A Modified Transpalatal Arch With Sleeve (Submitted To Journal Of Clinical Orthodontics-Under Review)
  • Comparative Assessment of Saggital Maxillomandibular Jaw Relationship- A Cephalometric Study: Journal of Oral Health And Community Dentistry; Under consideration for publication
    (Letter of Acceptance attached)
  • Growth modification in early permanent dentition using twin block appliance ; Indian  Journal Of Dental Specialties And Research , Nov 2011(Letter of Acceptance attached)
  • Correction of class II div 1  using functional appliances ( submitted to orthodontic cyber journal – under review)
  • Effective Means of Intraoral Molar Distalization - An Overview , Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society, Vol.35, (July-Sep 2003)


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  • An Aid to decreasing orthodontic treatment time- Soft -Tissue Lasers, SOLAZE, Journal of Laser Dentistry, Vol.3, No.1, Jan 2009, Pg 32-34

Dr. Ashish Gupta

Dr Ashish Gupta Completed his BDS in 2003 and MDS in 2007 from DAV (C) Dental College, Yamunanagar.

  • Prediction of size of unerupted canines and premolars in North Indian population. JIDA,Vol.5 No.3, march 2011
  • Periodontal Considerations in Orthodontics ;  Impressions- IDA Journal, Yamunanagar Branch- Sep 2005
  • Skeletal change using the SUS appliance –A case report; IOS Mid Year Convention 2010; Beyond Boundaries – Compendium of Scientific Deliberations, Vol 1, 2010, 138-142.
  • A Modified Transpalatal Arch With Sleeve (Submitted To Journal Of Clinical Orthodontics-Under Review)

Dr. Abhishek Goyaliya

Dr Abhishek Goyal completed his BDS in 2004 and MDS in 2008 from DAV (C) Dental College, Yamunanagar

  • Effect Of Local And Systemic Drugs on Orthodontic Tooth Movement ; Impressions; March 2007
  • Modifying a wire retainer into an obturator: Journal of Clinical Orthodontics; Aug 2008
  • A Modified Transpalatal Arch With Sleeve (Submitted To Journal Of Clinical Orthodontics-Under Review)

Dr. Gaurav Gupta

Dr. Gaurav Gupta completed his BDS in 2006 from DAV (C) dental College, Yamunanagar and MDS in  2010 from SDM dental college, Dharwad

  • Growth modification in early permanent dentition using twin block appliance ; Indian  Journal Of Dental Specialties And Research , Nov 2011(Letter of Acceptance attached)
  • A Modified Transpalatal Arch With Sleeve (Submitted To Journal Of Clinical Orthodontics-Under Review)
  • Correction of class II div 1  using functional appliances ( submitted to orthodontic cyber journal – under review)

Post Graduate Students

1st Year

  • Dr. Mayank Ashok
  • Dr. Amit Kumar Dhayia
  • Dr. Avnne Grover
  • Dr. Ramandeep Singh 


  • Dr.Vishal Bhardwaj
  • Dr. Sakshi Gupta
  • Dr. Ishita Sharma

3rd Year

  • Dr. Neetu Gupta
  • Dr. Anshul Gupta
  • Dr. Sonali Walia

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Comparative Analysis Of Intra Arch Dimensional Changes In Mild Crowding Cases Treated Non Extraction With Pea Appliance And Passive Self Ligation Appliance Studied Using E Models
  • Comparison of torquing ability of 0.019” x 0.025” NITI and Fiber Composite Archwires using cone-beam computerized tomography”
  • Comparative evaluation of patient hygiene performance scores in patients treated with fixed orthodontic appliances using different methods of ligation
  • Comparison Of Stress Patterns Between Monocortical And Bicortical Mini Screws – A Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis
  • EFFECT OF 810 nm diode laser therapy on orthodontic extraction space closure
  • Comparison of torquing ability of 0.021” x 0.025” TMA and Fiber Composite Archwires using cone-beam computerized tomography”
  • Comparison of GFC between patients undergoing self ligating and MBT bracket system
  • space closure using hycon verses closed coil spring